David Bateson

David Bateson

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Content Marketing

  • How to put together a content marketing strategy
  • How to actually create the content (i.e. mainly writing but also video/audio)
  • How to use a variety of channels together to maximise impact
  • How to create a 'virtuous circle' approach that continues to generate content results

3.00pm - 4.30pm
Friday 1 September
Room P6

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About David

David is a marketing person at My Marketing Person. After a career in sales in the corporate world in the UK, David realised the power of marketing and PR while working as a consultant for a retail franchise in Australia in 2004, when two outlets opened thanks to industry media coverage resulting from strategies he devised and executed, netting the client ~$450,000 in revenue.

Since then he has continued to work in marketing and publicity, running successful campaigns and generating millions of dollars worth of publicity for clients in a range of industry sectors.

He is currently involved in three businesses - mymarketingperson.com.au, batesonpublicity.com.au and wewritestuff.com.au, and is a digital marketing advisor with the Greater Brisbane Small Business Advisory Service.

He is a resident of Wynnum, and may or may not have played a part in the declaration of independence and subsequent formation of the Republic of Wynnum in 2014.