Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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Developing the mindset for innovative leadership

  • Explores the behaviours seen in transformative leaders
  • Gives some clear takeaways to assist in growing more success in your business

1.00pm - 2.30pm
Saturday 2 September
Room P7

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About Tony

Tony Curl has a passion for developing transformative leaders - leaders that take knowledge, ideas and concepts and turn it into intentional action. CoachCurl is the mainstay behind Think & Grow Business, as the speaker, coach and author. He develops better, stronger, fitter and faster leaders equipped to take on the fast-changing business world. The age of innovation sees success driven from leaders with a contemporary mindset, a mindset focused on action.

Tony brings over 30 years of operational senior leadership, knowledge from being a member of the world’s leading John Maxwell leadership and his ongoing research into leadership and provides clear outcomes for businesses of all sizes to lift performance and increase the likelihood of success. It’s more than just the accumulation of knowledge, it’s more than just reading and learning, it’s about application of knowledge driven from confidence and belief; belief in the skillset and knowledge that brings success.