Craig Leith

Craig Leith

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Beat procrastination

  • How to tap into your best self
  • Remove the blockers, activate your achievement triggers and get that project happening

1.00pm - 2.30pm
Saturday 2 September
Room P7

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About Craig

Craig Leith is a thought leader in unlocking potential and the founder of People Mgt.

He has been in organisational development for 30 years working with large corporates, multinationals and small businesses from technology, mining, aged care and hospitality. Over that time, he has seen the weird and wacky things that people do in an attempt to improve their situations.

He has noted that many people struggle with chronic procrastination, often beating themselves up because they didn’t follow through on their best intentions. Unless we know how to get the best out of ourselves, we will continue to self-sabotage.

It is Craig’s mission to 'transform the way we work' and that all starts with taming your 'inner crocodile".