Juxi Leitner

Juxi Leitner

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The need for robots to grasp the world

  • What is the state of the art of robotics and AI, what is the future of these technologies, especially around smarter machines and the "rise of the AI", and why this is a good thing after all!

3.00pm - 4.30pm 
Friday 1 September
Room P11, Plaza Level (Grey Street side)
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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About Juxi

Juxi is a researcher at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV) focussing on robotics, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. He is also an educator, public speaker and founder. Brisbane.AI and SMRTRobotics are two of his latest ventures.

Juxi started the Brisbane AI and Brisbane Robotics umbrella organisations to help grow the local ecosystem and knowledge about these important technologies in the general public. Read more about Juxi's projects at juxi.net