Ryan Murtagh

Ryan Murtagh

About Ryan

Ryan Murtagh is the founder and CEO of ecommerce platform, Neto. Established in 2011, Ryan built the business based on a need in the marketplace for an end-to-end ecommerce platform designed to automate and streamline online trading for SMEs. An online retailer himself, Ryan understood the industry pain points and sought to provide a platform that could be applied to businesses of all sizes.

Evident throughout his life, in his early years Ryan identified opportunities to operate businesses differently. This saw him become a success story at the age of 14, flipping his school’s tuckshop and selling it back to them. Having owned and operated businesses since his teen years, Ryan’s passion and interest in retail has evolved into a thriving portfolio of success.




Seminar Details

How to get your back-end in shape & be digitally future fit

  • Learn about the evolving preferences and behaviours of online shoppers from our recent survey
  • Future-proof your retail business by tying together different sales channels via an integrated retail management platform
  • Find out how successful Australian retailers deliver exceptional and consistent customer experiences via any channel - be it in-store, pop-up, online or through a marketplace.
  • Get your retail businesses back-end in shape