Colleen Diver

Colleen Diver

About Colleen

A certified BAS Agent, Colleen has been bookkeeping since 1995 and has worked with hundreds of clients across a wide, wide range of industries. She thrives on the challenge of implementing automation to provide business owners with up-to-date, real time information to help them manage their business.

Colleen was fortunate to have forward-thinking clients who were early adopters of online accounting software and electronic data storage in 2007. Since then Colleen has been at the forefront of the industry assisting businesses and accounting professionals to move their business to the cloud and reap the benefits of having information at their fingertips anywhere, any time.

Today Colleen is Director of Diverse Business Consultants, consulting and providing training to small and large businesses about their approach to the cloud and systems integration.


Seminar Details

Navigating the new normal in cloud bookkeeping

  • How-to guide on transitioning your business accounts to the cloud to take advantage of the myriad of automation options now available for efficient bookkeeping
  • Find out what's out there and what you should be considering to keep you business accounts management at the forefront of cloud technologies