Luke Brown

Luke Brown

About Luke

Luke is the founder of Our Family Film School, an online community that teaches everyday people how to shoot and edit amazing videos with their mobile devices. Luke has worked in the video and multimedia production industry for over 15 years and has worked on everything from TV commercials and corporate events to sketch comedy.

Although Luke’s main focus is to teach parents how to make super cute videos of their kids, his passion for business and his digital marketing experience sees him consult regularly on how businesses can tell their story and grow their business though the power of video.

These days there is no excuse for not using video in your business, you have the best video device ever created in your pocket or handbag!





Seminar Details

How to create an incredible video for your business

With your mobile, learn how to write, shoot and edit 3 videos for your business that will improve your sales:

  • A welcome video for your website
  • Customer testimonials
  • An auto responder video to convert your leads