Colin Kinner


Colin Kinner


About Colin

Colin is an experienced startup coach who has trained and mentored hundreds of emerging entrepreneurs. He is passionate about helping startup teams to be successful by learning from the experiences of others.

Colin is the founder of Startup Onramp, a training and mentoring program that equips first-time founders of tech startups with the skills they need to launch and grow their company.

He is also Mission Lead for the Startup Catalyst Silicon Valley program, Investment Manager for the CEA Startup Fund and author of the StartupAUS Crossroads report. His experience also includes running a startup incubator, a $10 million seed fund, and serving on the boards of a number of venture-backed technology companies.



Seminar Details

10 things every startup founder can do to un-fail their startup

  • For new or aspiring startup founders
  • 10 practical things you can do to 'un-fail' your startup during its first 6 months and maximise its chances of becoming a global success

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