Helen Cowley


Helen Cowley


About Helen

Helen Cowley is the Founder of Small Business Improvement Services, The Small Business Big Day Off and Helen Cowley Coaching.

Helen is a business coach, consultant and trainer who facilitates businesses to improve their knowledge, confidence, performance and profitability and make life enjoyable. With 38 years’ experience in business, she has an MBA, specialisation Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial and Venture Development, diplomas in business management, leadership, coaching and mentoring, as well as certificates in training, retail and life and business coaching.

Helen understands the pressures and challenges faced as an SME. Her passion to help others has led Helen to work with hundreds of small businesses over the past decade, with some even increasing their turnover by as much as 300 per cent. She has helped managers implement policies and procedures, review their facts and figures, benchmark their organisation against others in the industry and develop strategies for growth.





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5 easy steps to turn around your profit

  • Learn the why, what, what if, when and how of financial management and profit improvement that will make it easier to turn your business around

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