Dan Buzer


Dan Buzer


About Dan

Dan is the Director of Profit Mechanics.

In a nutshell, I grew up in a family business ... and hated it! Dad often worked over 100 hours a week in his restaurant, cafe and retail store. One day he turned to me and said the fateful words ... "Work hard son, and all this will be yours"! This terrified me and I immediately left home!

I was lucky enough to get mentored by a few very successful business owners, one of whom was a regular on the BRW Rich List. Not only did they make more money (a LOT more money), but the owners of the business were NOT busy!

Since then, after applying the lessons to many of my own businesses, my business partner and I have created a program that any small business can apply themselves. We have 140 accountants, consultants and coaches helping their clients using the Profit Mechanics Program.




Workshop Details

It's all about profit

  • You'll be guided through an easy to understand 3-step process that has helped other businesses to succeed
  • Case studies of actual businesses, the changes they made and results achieved are used in the workshop