Social Media / Blogging

  1. How are businesses using blogs? Brand awareness and customer engagement as a PR tool
    Understand blogging and how it can be used for branding
  2. How to set up a blog
    Understand blogging and the steps to start
  3. Discover how social media can be made to work for your business
    Understand more about social media integration in your business
  4. Conversation in a social world: From likes to leads
    Specific strategies to energise your online audience and convert them to customers


  1. What you need to know: Challenges and privacy
    Learn more in-depth information whether you are using cloud already or not
  2. How safe is your data and low cost backup strategies
    Inexpensive solutions for protecting your data
  3. The future of cloud computing
    Are cloud platforms changing and how it will affect the future of cloud?
  4. How to keep your cloud strategy compliant
    Do you need a cloud strategy? Advice on what to include in your cloud strategy

Digital Marketing

  1. The importance of digital marketing: Why you need to be seen
    Understand branding and visibility
  2. Social media and SEO: Tips for successful integration
    How to integrate social media into your digital marketing efforts and make it work for your SEO strategy; Learn which KPIs you should focus on the most; Tactics to track and measure efforts; Learn the important factors to take into account when applying these principles to mobile
  3. How to build your podcast brand
    Learn how to develop a podcast which both aligns with your brand promise and engages your audience; Techniques for turning your listeners into brand advocates; Tips to take your podcasts from good to great
  4. The power of more: How knowing more about your website visitors drives greater ROI
    Discover what challenges are faced when extracting meaningful and actionable insights from your web analytics data, leading you to more leads, conversations, sales, ROI

Cyber Security

  1. Protect your business: What you need to know
    What is the impact on businesses of mandatory data breach laws now passed by the Federal Government; Diagnose any vulnerabilities in your existing systems and develop secure frameworks to protect your business
  2. Our future digital world: Held hostage
    Focussing on the emerging growth of ransomware and the growth of IoT; Discover what issues need to be faced without security and privacy controls to govern the use of such devices
  3. SMEs make easy pickings: Why hackers love small companies
    Understand how your business is vulnerable especially SMEs
  4. What is a security audit and why you should have one
    How a security audit keeps your business reputation safe and stops legal actions from your clients for loss of personal data

Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence

  1. How to make big data work for your business
    Explains how big data is benefiting the end consumer and changing the way you run business

Power of Video

  1. Creating fresh B2B video content
    Be able to produce video content that prospects actually want to watch and learn how to keep turning out enough fresh, quality online video content
  2. Video: Tell your story
    Effective storytelling to attract new consumers and keep your existing consumers interested
  3. How to create an incredible video for your small business
    Learn what content is vital for video promotion


  1. Apps that will save you hours per week
    Identify apps that are time saving
  2. Mobility for business growth: How future trends will grow your business
    How mobility technology will revolutionise businesses even further in the future
  3. Mobility: Transforming how businesses are run
    Learn all you need to know about mobility technology and how to integrate mobility into current IT strategies
  4. Information mobility: Why your business can’t be without it
    What is information mobility and why a business needs this to succeed

Fintech / Online Payments

  1. Innovative payment solutions
    Easy, reliable solutions for buying/selling online
  2. eCommerce platforms explained
    Understand the various platforms for eCommerce, how they work, their cost and security

Digital Strategy

  1. The making of a digital strategy
    Understand why your business needs a digital strategy and complete the journey to creating one 

Startups / New Businesses

  1. Ideas for this topic welcome