Sahlia Painter

Why digital strategy matters: Actionable tips for next level digital

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SYNOPSIS | Understand the purpose of having a digital strategy, its core elements and how to get started. Learn the impacts and challenges of digital strategy development, today's mandatory digital strategy inclusions and ways to measure and maintain your strategy’s implementation.

About Sahlia

Sahlia Painter is a Business and Marketing Consultant at Reload Consulting, a Brisbane-based strategic consulting and research provider that offers tailored business, marketing and digital assistance to a variety of domestic and international businesses.

As part of the Reload Consulting team, Sahlia provides her clients with progressive and balanced business thinking for the digital age, in order to define how they can best leverage the many digital opportunities available, considering their position in the business lifecycle and the industry in which they operate.

Outside of her work with Reload, Sahlia is in the final weeks of completing her Master of Business (Integrated Marketing Communications) through the Queensland University of Technology and has been engaged as a guest speaker for a number of industry events, covering topics related to digital marketing, LinkedIn strategy, and more.