David Pitman

Selecting and integrating your systems for live reporting on anything

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SYNOPSIS | Choose the right systems for your e-Commerce business to get live reporting on the performance of your selling channels, traffic sources, and product categories - all while tracking inventory and profitability in real-time. In 2017 you'll need to know this: it's possible, what to look for when choosing a new system, how to set up the basics and where to get help when it gets hard.

About David

David Pitman is the founder of Cloudouble. David's been working in the cloud since way before it was a buzzword.

In business for himself since he was 14, David spent the first half of his working life to date as a professional classical musician, and then gradually moved to business web app development. Yep, you read that correctly.

He now provides clients with end-to-end integrated cloud business systems along with unlimited training and support for a fixed monthly subscription. People are liking it.