Roop Bhadury

Data driven agile strategy: The importance of continuous validation in marketing

Green circleFor intermediate knowledge level

SYNOPSIS | Attendees can expect to understand the following: 1) Strategy has inherent guesswork built into it. 2) Companies learn about strategic errors from expensive execution. 3) Agile strategy allows for continuous testing and validation of core marketing and product strategy. 4) Catch errors before big executional spend. 5) Build proactive and predictive systems for marketing and product design to achieve better product market fit.

About Roop

Roop Bhadury is the founder and Principal Consultant of Yantra Consulting. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has run multiple startups and raised more than $2 million in capital across his ventures. He has more than 15 years experience building products and services focussed on customer engagement and digital media for the advertising, classifieds, education and recruitment sectors. Roop’s ventures have spanned Australia, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Singapore and the United States of America.

He’s been working in the customer engagement space over the past couple of years and has been building a next generation, lean, networked consulting firm focussed on data-driven agile strategy. His firm, Yantra Consulting, focusses on helping companies achieve product market fit using a continuous testing approach designed to validate assumptions embedded in strategy. This, along with a proprietary customer engagement model that quantifies engagement, helps companies build sustainable growth and improve retention.