Stuart George

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SYNOPSIS | Video is one of the largest and fastest and most effective tactics in digital marketing today. With millions of views on new mobile platforms and desktops daily, video educates informs, delights and creates loyal fans and customers. Learn how to generate leads and covert them to sales, with the power of video.

About Stuart

Stuart George is the Digital Creative Director and Founder of CKP | Creative Digital Solutions.  

"Post-production, editing, music production, film production, corporate video production, photography, and music production has been my expertise for over the past 20 years. From on stage performing, to managing a successful recording studio where I composed and shot both film and music videos my entire life as been around assisting business owners and entertainers be successful on film.

I’m very passionate about working closely with clients to ensure their vision is bought to life. Combining sound and vision is now a vital element in today’s business and corporate world, it connects, engages, guides and helps us live life."