Eleanor Hannah

Business without bricks: How to create your mobile office

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SYNOPSIS | Suited to start-ups. Learn how to utilise your smart phone and other standard devices to have a mobile and scale-able office. Real life examples and case studies to show you how to engage with customers, boost your productivity, and reduce costs without an office.

About Eleanor

Eleanor Hannah is a speaker and author. She has been working on the go for over 10 years as she learnt to juggle work, children, writing and community work. Her tagline has become “I am in my office”. This came from learning to work wherever she was and the opportunity arose. She doesn’t have an office, not even a home office. She has a mobile, movable and scale-able business, her first published book, two teenage boys, a part-time job and productive garden.

The realisation that there was a rapidly growing need for others to learn about working on the go lead to the creation of Business Without Bricks in early 2016. Eleanor’s strength lies in giving real life examples and strategies, and providing the tools for others to create their movable business in our rapidly changing world. Even better, this is all done using low and no cost options.