Kevin Wright

Better visitor experiences with digital onsite

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SYNOPSIS | Modern digital media with engaging stories and information. Find out how a wide range of digital onsite can help. Includes digital signage, interactive touch displays and media tables, proximity beacon systems, virtual and augmented reality experiences - digital tools for a competitive advantage.

About Kevin

Kevin is the Director of Deep Creek Digital. He is a leader in how to get a competitive advantage by offering better visitor experiences with digital onsite. His expertise in telling stories and delivering information with cutting edge technology in cultural heritage, commercial and tourism sites extends Australia wide and internationally.

He is a very experienced multimedia producer and developer. His passion is developing digital media onsite to engage visitors in places where people gather including airports, galleries, museums, retail showrooms, sports stadiums, libraries and universities. He has had many years experience in digital signage and designing apps for large multi-touch displays in public spaces.

Kevin is very focussed on creating immersive experiences and sees augmented reality and virtual reality as important customer engagement in the retail, hospitality, travel and government sectors. He speaks often at conferences. Recently, Kevin presented a dynamic workshop, Tell Your Story With Virtual Reality, for delegates at the Broadband for the Bush Forum.