Franz Eilert

Location, location! Why spatial information is important

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SYNOPSIS | Learn about your customers - where they live, what they eat, public transport. This data is available. How are my things going? Truck buses, power stations, houses, cows - the IoT can tell you where these things are located and what is happening to them. Where is my land? Queensland is embarking on the 3D Queensland project - creating an accurate 3D model of Queensland - showing who owns it and where the boundaries exist.

About Franz

Franz Eilert is the Principal Consultant for Information Ecosystems. Franz has worked in innovation project creation, build, delivery and operationalisation for the past 20 years. As an aeronautical engineer he was exposed to the Internet of Things from its formative beginnings, managing aircraft fatigue and engine life monitoring in FA18s.

He is currently consulting to universities and commercial clients providing project and program solutions and audit services.

Franz has the technical and business experience that has allowed him to develop digital innovations in government and business from a great idea, a university research project, a business need and sometimes a serendipitous coming together of people and ideas. Franz has been heavily involved in the transport and ecosystems innovation areas in the last few years. With a solid knowledge of high performance computing and cloud technologies, Franz has been developing and delivering digital innovation in the industries where huge volumes of complex data known as 'the data deluge' exist. In this data there are opportunities for digital savvy businesses.

Franz is currently the finance member on the National Board of the Spatial Information Business Association (SIBA) and the Chair of the Spatial Innovation Foundation (SIF).