Eban Escott

To innovate or not to innovate: The business dilemma

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SYNOPSIS | The role of technology in innovation, types of innovation, how to roadmap a path for innovation, and how to measure a ROI for innovation.

About Eban

Dr Eban Escott is the founder of WorkingMouse, a technology startup based in Brisbane, Australia. The WorkingMouse Innovation Platform helps startups, restarts and corporate operations innovate faster and better by delivering cloud-based software. Eban has over 20 years' work experience as an information technology professional, ranging from startups to large businesses. He is a strong believer in applying startup methodologies, such as lean and design thinking, in assisting businesses with product and traction development.

Dr Escott received his PhD from the University of Queensland in 2013. He now holds an adjunct position and sits on the Industry Advisory Board for the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. His thesis, A model-driven approach to developing and testing web applications, was the result of his passion for improving software engineering processes. This research underpins the WorkingMouse innovation platform. He is a thought leader in the area of model-driven engineering and he believes that software engineering can be significantly improved by using models as first-class artefacts in the software engineering process.