Kate vanderVoort

The psychology of social media

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SYNOPSIS | Explore the principles required to create the right culture in your business to make social media a powerful tool in delivering tangible business results.

About Kate

Kate vanderVoort is the CEO and founder of Social Mediology. Kate is one of Australia’s leading social media coaches and trainers with extensive experience in online and offline marketing and seven years focused solely on online digital strategy. She has trained with some of the world’s leading experts in social media and is up to date with each change as it happens in this rapidly changing industry.

Kate is often called on to speak at conferences and has provided coaching, training and social media implementation for many large Australian companies and more than 350 small businesses. She has a Certificate IV in workplace training, a degree in social work and has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

Currently, Kate is on the Samford Commons Board, a community owned enterprise providing services to the local community, including digital technologies. She is also on the Board of Moreton Bay ICT & Digital Group, a collaborative technology and digital business hub.