Jerry Crockford

Your digital marketing strategy: 3 essential steps

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SYNOPSIS | Get an understanding of the fundamental principles so you can move forward with confidence.

About Jerry

Jerry is the Managing Director of Crockford Carlisle. Jerry is passionate about developing digital marketing plans for business that sell against stiff competition, and who want to enjoy healthy margins.

With his background in business development, on-air radio, shopping centre management and sales management, he understands the challenges you face when marketing complex products and services that have to be ‘sold’ on value, rather than ’bought’ on price.

His insights into online lead generation come from a wealth of real-world, practical experience - and his session will give you a clearer understanding of how to make your website a more profitable tool to bring in the enquiries you need to keep your sales team busy.

Be prepared to take notes, as Jerry’s session will have a lot of relevant, take-home value, with ideas that you can immediately implement to build on your success.