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So you want to be a startup

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SYNOPSIS | Advice on all you need to know if you are starting up.

Remote workforce

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SYNOPSIS | How to integrate technology into your business

About Nick

Nick Richards is the founder of Arete. Nick has been involved in business since his early teens, working for entrepreneurs and sometimes pursuing ventures of his own. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Commerce, he spent several years in business and corporate banking, before having a quarter life crisis and deciding to chase his entrepreneurial dreams on a full-time basis. Whilst to many this seemed insanity, it resulted in a several very successful businesses and the opportunity to help startups move from a great idea to a great business.

Nick now has multiple businesses with staff in four different countries and in a range of industries, but prefers on-demand apps and outsourced service markets. He's seen pretty much everything when it comes to startups, tech and the new economy and is always happy to share his experience.