Lionel Thomas

Be open for business, not open to be hacked

Green circleFor intermediate knowledge level

SYNOPSIS | This session will discuss a range of security areas a business needs to consider in this digital age: You, your computer and devices, your employees and computers, cloud computing, business website and work apps.

About Lionel

Lionel is the Managing Director of Vofer.

As soon as Lionel Thomas learnt the basics of programming around 10 years old, he pulled it apart and found vulnerabilities to exploit, which was handy when playing computer games. Later in life, his inquisitive nature lead him to system penetration testing of various systems from the government to the computer gaming industry and now runs his own website design company with a large focus on cyber security for his clients. With hacking up 150% in recent years, and the number of devices accessing businesses continually growing, every business no matter the size needs to consider cyber security policies, procedures and continuity planning.