Bryan Vadas

The emergence of ibeacons for proximity marketing and messaging

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SYNOPSIS | Ibeacons are the faster emerging technology in hyperlocal, proximity marketing. Learn what an ibeacon is, how can they be used, what uses can they be applied to, and how will they add to your customer-flow, awareness of your brand and your bottom line.

About Bryan

Bryan Vadas has been driving businesses internationally for over 30 years, and has constantly ridden the edge of innovation and market opportunity.

He has played a key role as advisor to many start-ups under both state and federal government commercialisation schemes, as well as having started, built and successfully exited startups himself.

The latest of these is Beecoo – an end-to-end proximity messaging and marketing solution, which will revolutionise the way consumers shop, attend events and interact with their favourite brands, stores or event organisers. It allows businesses to maximize their return from hyperlocal markets, and increase their revenue and profitability by catching their market “in the now”.

Bryan’s drive, energy and enthusiasm for the start-up space are infectious, as he continues to bring new thinking to conventional wisdom and push entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and potential.