Elliot Duff

Robotics in the Internet of Things landscape

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SYNOPSIS | How the safety and productivity of robots (Autonomous Systems) can be enhanced within an Internet of Things landscape. This session will detail the nature of the technology required to achieve this situational awareness, communications and digital twinning.

About Elliot

Elliot Duff is a Product Program Manager at CSIRO.

"My formal training is in computational physics and metallurgical engineering, but over my career I have been involved in many aspects of autonomous systems development, including: image processing, visualization, navigation and embedded systems design.

Since 1999 my main focus has been in the area of field robotics and in particular the development of control and sensing systems that allow machines to operate autonomously outdoors in hostile and unstructured environments. This work has included the automation of large mining excavators, underground ore haulage vehicles and explosive loading machines. For a number of years, I led the robotic perception team with interests in localization and mobile mapping in GPS denied areas.

More recently, I managed the Autonomous Systems Program with interests in field robotics, sensor networks and cognitive systems. Today I am a Program Leader overseeing CSIRO's engagement with the Industrial Internet and the IMCRC."