Aleksandar Svetski

The future of work

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SYNOPSIS | This session will look at how technology will transform the very concept of what we now define as "employment". The rise of Artificial Intelligence and robotics will automate and effectively outsource most of what we now consider "safe" jobs. Everything from jobs requiring manual dexterity, through to the more intellectual jobs like journalism, legal and accounting will all be disrupted in the coming five to 25yrs and it's important to understand this so we can adapt and leverage technology in our favour - not become a victim of it.

About Aleksandar

"After almost 10 years in business, I've started 12 different companies across seven different industries, spent time at Singularity University and Google campuses in Silicon Valley, and am currently the CEO of iRecruit Technologies, a highly advanced technology company transforming the way employers find talent and talent find work, through the use of patented algorithms and machine learning technology."