Jacqui Jones

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SYNOPSIS | How to create systems using people, process and technology to increase productivity, lower cost and improve compliance. Identify ways to overcome issues relating to low sales, rework costs, low productivity and high staff turnover.

About Jacqui

Jacqui Jones is the founder of Way We Do, a cloud-based software company helping businesses to systematise and document their electronic work instructions for their teams to use daily from any device.

Way We Do is currently in nine countries and used by small and large businesses alike, across hundreds of industries.

Jacqui’s goal is to help business owners to create businesses that can successfully run without them by creating repeatable systems that deliver products and services consistently to customers. Benefits are happier customers, happier staff, lower costs, higher productivity and profits.

Jacqui has held senior management roles and has owned two companies in the internet software, media and marketing industries across New Zealand and Australia. She has had the pleasure of working with leading companies around the world in the areas of business systematisation, Software as a Service, digital product management and online media and marketing consultation.