Jeanette Jifkin

Why marketing is more than big promises and copywriting razzmatazz

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SYNOPSIS | How businesses promise more than they can deliver and what you could be liable for such as refunds and possibly also statutory fines. Learn how to avoid putting your business in this position.

About Jeanette

Jeanette Jifkins is Principal Lawyer at Onyx Online Law. What Jeanette is really passionate about is identifying the practical legal solutions that fit your business. She understands what it is like to do business online with the different apps, software and social media platforms you use, and the challenges of doing business with people you may never meet face to face.

Having a dedicated legal professional available to advise you on the complexities involved in e-commerce and digital media is a more cost effective solution than court action.

With more than 18 years experience helping over 1000 clients protect their business both large and small, Jeanette has a range of strategies that give her clients clarity and certainty in the ever changing online world.