Tracy Sheen New Book Launch 2021Known as 'the digital guide’, Tracy Sheen has been working in the marketing and sales space relating to small business technology adaptation for the past 30 years. A pioneer in the Australian podcast movement she launched the globally successful Not Another Business Show and is a regular on the judging panels for both the Australian Podcast Awards, the Australian Business Book Awards and the Australian Web Awards.

Recognised by her profession as a ‘Certified Practising Marketer’ (CPM) Tracy has recently authored her first book The End of Technophobia: a practical guide to digitising your business, which will be launched at the CLICK! Digital Solutions Brisbane event on May 27.

The End of Technophobia allows small business owners to look at their business as a whole and addresses common questions across a range of business areas, from marketing and sales, to finance and productivity. Even how to effectively work remotely (a skill many had to adopt in 2020), customer experience and the emerging threats of cyber security.

The book was developed and written for every small business owner who has ever felt overwhelmed by technology or unsure where they should begin.

Unlike younger generations, small business owners in the 40 - 60 year age group did not grow up with any kind of technology. Everything had a manual process and marketing a business was typically based around local word of mouth or traditional media. As a result many people within this age group feel as though the digital revolution has happened to them, passing them over and leaving them completely overwhelmed where to start as a result. They struggle with understanding the role digital marketing plays in their business, how they could increase their productivity through digitisation or reach new and emerging markets.