AJ Kulatunga

AJ Kulatunga

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Bulletproof your business for success

In this session AJ will guide you through a special framework designed to expand your thinking about the potential of your business and identify any hidden issues that could cause problems as you grow. This session is perfect for established businesses or those who currently work full time and have an idea to start something on the side.

  • Understand how all the different components of a business work together to achieve desired results
  • Gain practical ideas and strategies to grow your business
  • Walk out with a list of “first steps” to achieve results
  • Build a core group of like-minded business people who can support you on your business journey
  • Feel inspired and excited about the future of your business

11.30am - 12.30pm
Saturday 2 September
Room P7, Plaza Level (Grey Street side)
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

This is a FREE Masterclass.

There is no need to book, but you will need to register to attend CLICK! 2017.

About AJ

AJ Kulatunga is an inspirational business speaker who knows exactly what it takes to be an entrepreneur. When he was seven years old he started his own neighbourhood newspaper; at 14 he started a website development business; and at 23, AJ escaped from a bad boss to pursue a lifelong dream of running his own consulting firm.

After growing the business to 13 staff members and consulting to technology giants such as Microsoft, HP and Fujitsu, AJ decided to chase a bigger dream to become a world renowned professional speaker. With unconventional adventures in business ranging from meeting the Condom King of Thailand, to being named Young Achiever of the Year, AJ teaches business leaders how to think like an entrepreneur to overcome challenges. His insights regularly appear in CEO Magazine, Australia’s premium publication for corporate executives. When he’s not speaking, writing, or consulting, AJ loves playing guitar and you can connect with him via ajkulatunga.com